Senior Sous Chef  and Chef de Partie

Absolute waterfront with a brand new state of the art kitchen

We are after shining lights in hospitality industry and pay accordingly

Seafood Restaurant influenced with strong classical French cuisine

If Great Food Is Not Your Passion: Please Do Not Apply.


The Food

In this kitchen you will be working with excellent produce, learning skills in preparation from Saucier to Patisserie.

The chef and Kitchen

Executive Chef Mr. Ross Fairleigh comes from strong 5 star dining history with over three  decades of working as a professional Chef.A strong mentor who will only further your knowledge in food and the running of a solid kitchen. He is passionate about building up his chefs and passing on his knowledge-Ross is a rare find and a true mentor.

Applicant should:

  • Respect  produce
  • Demonstrate a solid track record in quality establishments
  • Have effective time management skills
  • Have sound technical skills
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be motivated to progress in career

This is an exciting position where you will be able to work with excellent produce and people and have great opportunities for professional development.

CONTACT: 0468342002  OR EMAIL:[email protected]